I've purchased a Classified Ads template to develop a website tool for WML. It's all new to me so I've got considerable learning before I will be ready to share much with this team.

In the meantime, as I learn, there are things that we can start discussing. First, are the categories of interest to WML members. I have a few to start discussion:

  • - For Sale
  • - Free Stuff
  • - Help or Services Offered
  • - Tools to Share or Loan

Can you think of other categories? We should also have a little text to go with each category to explain its rationale. We can always add more or make changes later. I will be slowly add things to the tool as I get up to speed. Work in progress is available for review under the Classifieds menu. Please add your comments and ideas here. If you think a personal or Zoom meeting might be valuable, let me know. Otherwise, we can just carry on with this forum.

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